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Seminole County Biomonitoring Program

Welcome to the Seminole County Biomonitoring Program homepage. Seminole County scientists have developed an advanced biological monitoring designed specifically for monitoring macroinvertebrate communities in Seminole County's waterbodies. Click here to learn more about macroinvertebrates.

Newsflash: Not all bugs are bad!

Biologists and lake managers have found this to be true. In Seminole County, we use macroinvertebrates in our biomonitoring programs to assess the health of the water bodies in the county. Chemical water quality monitoring is important, but may give only a "snap shot" of the water segment's health. Biological monitoring, however, provides a better assessment of long term impacts. In addition, proper assessment (often referred to as bioassessment) can also help answer important questions such as:

  • Are human activities affecting adjacent aquatic systems?
  • Are Best Management Practices and current treatment levels satisfactory?

Macroinvertebrate populations are chosen for many reasons:

Learn to compare lake health by comparing their macroinvertebrates

As you visit the pages for the waterbodies included in the Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Program, you will notice that some waterbody locations are receiving better "grades" than others. Scientists at Seminole County and elsewhere use mathematical methods, referred to as indices, to take the types and numbers of macroinvertebrates found at a location and calculate the "health" of the waterbody at that location. The methods for collecting macroinvertebrates as well as the index they use is different depending on whether the waterbody is a stream or lake. For streams BioRecons and the Stream Condition Index (SCI) are employed and for lakes they use the Lake Condition Index (LCI) and dredge sampling. Click here to Learn more about macroinvertebrate indices.


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For more information about the Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Program, please contact:

Michelle Shelton
Macroinvertebrate Program Coordinator
200 West County Home Road
Sanford, FL 32773

Phone: (407) 665-5269


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Waterbody IDWaterbody NameWaterbody Type
7501Adelaide, LakeLake
7504Ann, Lake (Casselberry)Lake
1000Bear CreekRiver
7513Bear Gully LakeLake
7514Bear LakeLake
7519Brantley, LakeLake
7520Buck LakeLake
7535Deforest LakeLake
1006Econlockhatchee RiverRiver
7552Florence, LakeLake
7553Florida, LakeLake
7556Garden LakeLake
1008Gee CreekRiver
7569Harney, LakeLake
1009Howell CreekRiver
7579Howell, LakeLake
7589Jesup, LakeLake
1011Little Econlockhatchee RiverRiver
1013Little Wekiva RiverRiver
7608Marion, LakeLake
7617Mobile, LakeLake
7618Monroe, LakeLake
7631Orienta, LakeLake
1020Salt CreekRiver
7656Seminary, LakeLake
1024Soldiers CreekRiver
7659Spring Lake (Altamonte Springs)Lake
7660Spring Wood Lake and WaterwayLake
1030Sweetwater Creek (Winter Springs)River
7663Sylvan LakeLake
7672Tuskawilla LakeLake
7686Woods, Lake Of TheLake
7687Yankee LakeLake