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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
1000 Friends of Floridaorg1000 Friends of Florida1014705Nonprofit organization promoting responsible planning and land use through education, advocacy, negotiation and litigation. Mission: to protect and improve quality of life by advocating responsible planning for population growth.
1988 Florida Water Quality Assessment 305(b) Technical Appendix1988doc_pdf8400.3Florida Department of Environmental Protection1019249Introduction contains a summary of Florida water quality and assessment methods. Body of report addresses each basin, with a narrative summary and water quality data for major water bodies in the basin: clarity, DO, oxygen demand, pH, trophic status, coliform, species diversity, condition, flow, WQI. Information on river reaches includes status and trends.1988%20FL%20WQA%20305b%20Technical%20Appendix.pdf9Seminole
1996 Water-Quality Assessment for the State of Florida Section 305(b) Main Report1996doc_pdf4527.4Florida Department of Environmental Protection1014434Usually called the 305(b) report, summarizes the quality of our water resources, regulatory development, impacts to surface water & groundwater, water-quality trends & current restoration & protection programs. Technical Appendix contains detailed information on the status & quality of individual hydrologic units & watersheds.1996%20Water-Quality%20Assessment%20for%20the%20State%20of%20Florida%20Section%20305(b)%20Main%20Report.pdf9Seminole
1998 303(d) Listed Water Segments in Seminole County (Map)1998doc_pdf1409Florida Department of Environmental Protection1014485Map of Seminole County waters listed in the 1998 303(d) list of waters not meeting water quality standards or not supporting their designated uses.1998_303(d)_Seminole_Map.pdf9Seminole
2000 Florida Water Quality Assessment 305(b) Report2000doc_pdf0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1014297Provides an overview of Florida's surface & ground water quality, trends & protection efforts. Discusses the federal water quality reporting requirements (the 305(b) report); presents significant water quality findings & summarizes support for designated use.2000_305b.pdf9Seminole
2007 Census of Agriculture: County Profile, Seminole County, Florida2009doc_pdf387.6USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service1021038Summary of agricultural activities in Seminole County Florida during the 2007 calendar year. Includes number and size of farms, production values, agricultural ranking within state, quantity and value of various agricultural products, farm operator characteristics, and other data.2007-Census-of-Agriculture-Seminole-County.pdf9Seminole
2010 Financial Responsibility Report for the Phosphate Mines2011doc_pdf186.6Florida Department of Environmental Protection1020191This report details the extent of current reclamation and the plan for future reclamation for nine phosphate mines which require it, according to Florida law. Number of acres mined, number of acres reclaimed (revegetated), and required reclamation through the year 2014 are given in tables, and there are also explanatory notes.2010Financial%20Responsibility.pdf9Seminole
2010 HBMP Annual Data Report - Part 4: Hurricane Charts2011doc_pdf1550.2Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority1019388Part 4 of this report consists of maps for each year from 1975 to 2010 showing the paths of hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean and the surprising variability of activity from year to year.HBMPAnnualReport2010_HurricaneCharts.pdf9Seminole
2011 Progress Report for the Lake Jesup Basin Management Action Plan2011doc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1022492This 2011 Progress Report is the first annual progress report for the Lake Jesup BMAP, and it describes the major accomplishments and issues identified during the reporting period from BMAP adoption (May 2010) through May 31, 2011.
2012 Lake Surveys: Bear, Cub, & Little Bear Lakes2012doc_pdf3132Seminole County Government1020275Topics covered: Submersed aquatic vegetation updatem; emergent plant update- recommend torpedo grass removal with replanting of beneficial natives; Benefits of native emergent vegetation; Aquatic plant removal permit information; Water hyacinth updates--good control efforts in canal off Linneal Beach Drive; Recommendations for you and your lake969_Bear_Lakes_2011_2012.pdf9Seminole