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St. Johns River

St. Johns River

St. Johns River


located within the following watersheds: Yankee Lake Watershed, Lake Monroe (L-S Canal) Watershed, Sanford Watershed, Midway Watershed, Lake Jesup Watershed, Saint Johns Watershed, Lake Harney Watershed, Puzzle Lake Watershed, Big Econlockhatchee Watershed


St. Johns River is a 233.8 mile stream.

The St. Johns River (officially Saint Johns River, but commonly spelled St. John's River) is the longest river in the U.S. state of Florida, stretching 310 miles (500 km) from Indian River County to the Atlantic Ocean in Duval County. It was designated as one of the American Heritage Rivers in 1997 and pegged by an environmental organization as the 6th Most Endangered River in America in 2008. The Saint Johns is north-flowing, which is somewhat unusual among U.S. rivers.

Associated Names

  • There are no associated names for this body of water.

2018 Fish Advisory In Effect

This water resource has a fish advisory in effect. Please see the Florida Fish Advisories publication.

Water Resource Characteristics

Headwaters St Johns River Marsh In Indian River County
Mouth Atlantic Ocean In Brevard County
River Length Within Atlases 234 miles

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    Hydrology sampling site
    Closest Rainfall site
    Rainfall sampling site
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    Other sampling site

    Data Summary

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    This water resource is monitored by 392 sampling locations, which have collected a total of 5,104,853 samples ranging from 1/1/1921 to 12/12/2018. The sites sampling this water resource are:

    Datasource (click for details)Station ID
    Biological Research Associates 2893I-A
    Biological Research Associates 2893I-B
    Biological Research Associates 2893I-C
    Biological Research Associates 2893I-D
    FDEP - Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0118
    FDEP - Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0164
    FDEP - Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0165
    FDEP - Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0166
    FDEP - Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0173
    FDEP - Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0188
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010003
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010008
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010105
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010106
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010143
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010483
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010498
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010533
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010655
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010779
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010780
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010781
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010782
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010783
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010784
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010895
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010896
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010897
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010898
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20010911
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011063
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011067
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011069
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011070
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011071
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011075
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011076
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011081
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011082
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011096
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011097
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011134
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011140
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011141
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011171
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011232
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011233
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011265
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011293
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011294
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011295
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011302
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011303
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011304
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011331
    FDEP Central Regional Operations Center20011351
    FDEP Central Regional Operations CenterG2CE0118
    FDEP Central Regional Operations CenterG3CE0006
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010002
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010003
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010008
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010009
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010012
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010017
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010020
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010023
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010024
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010047
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010052
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010053
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010105
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010108
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010111
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010124
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010143
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010145
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010147
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010149
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010150
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010152
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010153
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010154
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010155
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010156
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010157
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010159
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010160
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010190
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010483
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010484
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010486
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010490
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010491
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010496
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010497
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010498
    FDEP Historic Data from Legacy STORET20010655
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19130
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19131
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19132
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19134
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19135
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19136
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19138
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19139
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19140
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19141
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19144
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19147
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19148
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19151
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19153
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19155
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section19156
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section20125
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section20137
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26959
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26960
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26962
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26964
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26967
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26968
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26970
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26971
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26972
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26973
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26974
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26975
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26976
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26978
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26980
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26981
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26982
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26985
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section26988
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30501
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30503
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30504
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30506
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30507
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30510
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30511
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30513
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30515
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30516
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30518
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30522
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30523
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30524
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30526
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30527
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30609
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30628
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section30720
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section3515
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section3557
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section36572
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section36575
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section36576
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section36581
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38179
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38182
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38183
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38187
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38460
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38464
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section38466
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section39283
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section39306
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section39309
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section39311
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section39990
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section39997
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section41160
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section41167
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section42141
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section42145
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section42147
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section42149
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section42151
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section43681
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section43686
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section43690
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section43692
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section45199
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section45200
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section45202
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section45205
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section45206
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section45212
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section49582
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section49585
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51520
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51521
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51522
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51525
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51526
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51528
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51532
    FDEP Watershed Monitoring Section51719
    FDEP, Water Quality Standards and Special Projects (Florida)ORA201LR
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0174
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0178
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0179
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0188
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0190
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0191
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0197
    FFWCC Legacy Storet DataGFCCR0199
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Water Quality Data03080101-095
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Water Quality Data03080101-140
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Water Quality Data03080101-180
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Water Quality Data03080101-215
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Water Quality Data03080101-220
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Water Quality Data03080101-225
    LAKEWATCH Supplemental Water Quality SamplingSt. John's River-2-Seminole
    LAKEWATCH Volunteer Water Quality MonitoringSt. John's River-1-Seminole
    LAKEWATCH Volunteer Water Quality MonitoringSt. John's River-2-Seminole
    LAKEWATCH Volunteer Water Quality MonitoringSt. John's River-3-Seminole
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ18
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ19
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ19A
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ20
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ21
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ22
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ23
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ24
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ25
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ26
    Legacy Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ27
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ18
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ19
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ19A
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ21
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ22
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ23
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ24
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ25
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ26
    Orange County Surface Water QualitySJ27
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data230008
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data230009
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data230010
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data230011
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data230012
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data230013
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data31602
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data31780
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data31898
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data32208
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data40000
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data40106
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data40758
    Seminole County Legacy Storet Data40814
    Seminole County Water Levels DataSCPW-L-SJR2
    SJRWMD Hydrology Data05791087
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data104911
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data104946
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105162
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105181
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105331
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105332
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105334
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105339
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105340
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105343
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105344
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105351
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105352
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105354
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data105355
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data404636
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data404641
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data404643
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data407480
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data407484
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data409917
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data409924
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data415454
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data415459
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data415461
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data415463
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data415465
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data430079
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data430083
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data430085
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44054
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44063
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44064
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44194
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44195
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44232
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442697
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442698
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442700
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442701
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442703
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442705
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442706
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data442710
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data444784
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data444787
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data444790
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data444798
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44586
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44607
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44612
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data44773
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data452621
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data452628
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data452629
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data452632
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data55096
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data71890
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data71892
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data71895
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data71898
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76397
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76399
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76401
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76402
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76405
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76406
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76407
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76408
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76411
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76414
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76415
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76420
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76422
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76423
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76443
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data76447
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79913
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79914
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79916
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79918
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79921
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79922
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79924
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79925
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79926
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79927
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79928
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79929
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79930
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79932
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79934
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79935
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79936
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79939
    SJRWMD Water Quality Data79942
    USGS National Water Information System02232000
    USGS National Water Information System02232400
    USGS National Water Information System02232500
    USGS National Water Information System02234000
    USGS National Water Information System02234010
    USGS National Water Information System02234440
    USGS National Water Information System02234500
    USGS National Water Information System02234519
    USGS National Water Information System02235400
    USGS National Water Information System02235495
    USGS National Water Information System02236000
    USGS National Water Information System02236125
    USGS National Water Information System02244040
    USGS National Water Information System02246500
    USGS National Water Information System294213081345300
    USGS National Water Information System301124081395901
    USGS National Water Information System301510081383500
    USGS National Water Information System301817081393600
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-041
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-043
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-044
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-046
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-050
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-051
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-100
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-104
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-105
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-106
    Volusia County Sampling DataVC-27N
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ02
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ04
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ05
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ08
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ12
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ13
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ15
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ16
    Volusia County Water Quality DataSJ28
    Watershed Action Volunteer Water Quality DataSSJR02

    Report Water Pollution


    Every one of us contributes pollution to our streams, lakes, bays and oceans. The wastewater, dirt, and debris of our lives eventually drains downstream. Each of us must minimize our contribution to keep our waterways healthy and enjoyable. Some materials are powerful pollutants like raw sewage, petroleum, or pesticides, but even natural, biodegradable plant materials can add nitrogen to water resources and cause algal blooms and fish kills. Please use the information below to assist you in reporting an incident to the correct agency. Learn More about Reporting Pollution »

    To Report Water Pollution:

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    Who to call about environmental concerns and to report environmentally harmful activities. For potentially life threatening emergencies dial 911.

    Concern or Activity Contact(s)
    Dangerous Boating / Accidents

    FWCC, Division of Boating Safety
    1-850-488-5600 (to report an accident) or
    1-888-404-3922 (to report unsafe boating)

    Algal Blooms

    FDEP 1-850-305-3903

    Fish Kill

    FWCC, Fish Kills

    General Concerns/Complaints


    Industrial Waste/Spill

    FDEP State Watch Office

    Injured Wildlife or Illegal Activities

    FWCC, Wildlife Violations
    or via cell phone, dial *FWC or #FWC depending on service carrier

    Shoreline Alterations, Wetland Impacts


    Aquatic Plant Removal


    Water Pollution, Residuals Landspreading


    Wetlands Issues/Dredge and Fill


    Source(s): USF Water Institute

    FWCC - Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    FDEP - Florida Department of Enviromental Protection

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      Get Involved


      Seminole County needs you to help manage and protect its natural resources! Fill out this form, and we will contact you with more information about becoming a volunteer. Learn more about volunteering »

      0 volunteers on St. Johns River have submitted a water quality sample for this water resource within the last 18 months.

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