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Water Resources in the Big Econlockhatchee Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
Bass Lake   Lake 22-21-32
Buck Lake BUC Lake 28-20-32
Catherine, Lake Lake Chuluota, CAT Lake 21-21-32
Cochran, Lake   Lake 20-20-32
Crescent Lake CRE Lake 21-21-32
Econlockhatchee River   River N/A¹
Emerald Lake   Lake 28-21-32
Eva, Lake EVA Lake 20-21-32
Geneva Pond GEP Lake 33-20-32
Geneva, Lake GEN Lake 22-20-32
Horseshoe North Lake NHO Lake 29-21-32
Horseshoe South Lake SHO Lake 29-21-32
Island Pond ISLP Lake 29-20-32
Kiwanis, Lake Lake Gore, KIW Lake 22-21-32
Lenelle Lake   Lake 20-21-32
Little Econlockhatchee River   River N/A¹
Mills Branch   River N/A¹
Mills Creek   River N/A¹
Mills, Lake MIL Lake 28-21-32
Moran Lake   Lake 27-20-32
Nixon, Lake   Lake 17-21-32
Pickett, Lake PIC Lake 3-22-32
Proctor, Lower Lake Long Lake, Taylor Lake, PROC Lake 27-20-32
Proctor, Upper Lake Long Lake, PRO Lake 22-20-32
Puzzle Lake   Lake 15-21-33
Silcox Branch   River N/A¹
Spring Lake   Lake 21-21-32
Still Lake   Lake 26-20-32
Twin Lakes   Lake 33-20-32
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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